Our Services

Educational Applications

We do desgin and work for the educational institution websites, Putting the complete information of different categories of an institution and molding it in such way that easy to understand by any one. The perfect way of presenting an institution website is depends on the quality designing and better user interface, we make them best in all the ways of your requirements.

educational applications

Online Booking and Ticket Reservation Applications

We help businesses with strategy to implementation of their complete online presence. Taking into consideration their target audience, target geography, business culture & mission, we work towards creating a stunning online presence to help them attract prospects and open up new sales channels.

Online bookings

Logo Design

Whether you’re building a brand from the ground up or looking to inject a bit of freshness into an established business identity, our experienced Posmab team will craft a unique logo that truly represents and defines the standard of your company.


Blogs and forums Applications

Make your blogs more interesting with the different look blogs are the best way of expressing, that needs better options of showing the proper information in right way, we creates the blogs in such a way that you will love to have the kind of quality blogs.


E-commerce Applications

Currently E-Commerce is the center point of any business. We built best in class e-commerce sites with effective result with needs, even start-up or grown up. We understand your requirements and will put them into your website in the way you need.


Shopping Cart Applications

We are expertise in working on shopping cart applications. In Front end of website, starting from the customer landing on to the site, viewing products, selecting, ordering and til the end of checkout our team have extensive work of developments and as well as designing and also same quality work on Back end admin panel too.



When it comes to attracting traffic and leads using your website, “build it, and they will come” is a frequently-used, but often ineffective strategy. To bring up your site in search, in all the ways our team will help you in doing optimization. Too busy running your business to focus on making the most of awareness strategies?


Web Hosting

If you are planning to make your business website on world wide web, then hosting has the high prior importance as web hosting is the internet hosting service that enables the organizations and people to impart accessibility to their website using the World Wide Web. Web hosting is obligatory to internationalize the financial wings of a company. The previous decades have seen web hosting being considered for corporate and the institutionalization purposes. The web hosting realm has changed now.


Mobile Applications

Mobile apps are more needful than a website these days. We full fill your needs in developing mobile applications whether in android or in windows and in IOS too. we are expertise in making user friendly mobile applications. not matter what type of app you need, we make it happen and We not only develop the apps but also do the marketing and let the world know your Business. Our team will give you a best in class user interface for your mobile applications.