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A web based shopping cart is similar to the original grocery store shopping cart. Basically, it is a means by which a customer can read a list of products and mark off the selections they want. When finished ordering, the customer indicates that they are ready to checkout. This is where the total order is placed and confirmed. Also, the customer will enter their shipping and tax information at the checkout.

The shopping cart is one of the most important parts to having a smooth eCommerce transition. Elements that are critical to a shopping cart should be, website wizards, merchant tools, shopping features, payment options, shipping and taxes configurations, statistics and security. There are literally hundreds of shopping carts available. They range from simple scripts to complete eCommerce solutions. A truly great shopping cart is considered an eCommerce solution.

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Effective Management of Cart:

The shopping cart helps you to easily manage displayed categories, products offered, images of various products, attributes inventory, orders, backlog orders, users, administrators, settings, payment methods, and everything else associated with it.
Data Feeds:   Through this tool, you get to list the data in various sources.
Updated Functionality:   A good shopping cart must support multiple shipping addresses on a single order at once. Also, it should be applicable enough to track the product id and handle the consequences.

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